In 2006 the Curlies were

Rollin' On The River!
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The festivities began Wednesday, October 11, in the field.
35 entries yielded 14 qualifiers
The CCRCA was the guest of our friend,Tim Nichols,
on his private training grounds in Olive Branch, MS.

Entrants ranged in age from 8 months to 11 1/2 years of age

Maryland, Kathy with Al, Kurly Kreek Alberta Clipper, 8 months oldTennessee, Deacon, Addidas Maj.-General Meade, 11 1/2 years old

Volunteers are the backbone of a great event.

Texas, Stephanie wore many hats - field co-chair,test secretary, fundraiser and hospitality chairOhio, Marshall, Mary Kay, kept things rolling smoothly as handlers checked inWC/X/Q Judges Robert Milner, Tennessee & Rick Kail, California Our host, Tim Nichols, stopped by to chat with the judges ??, Jennifer and Stephen at the bird station Name help please, Multi-tasking work stations

Set it up and they will come!

Florida, Flint,Charwin Tracer,served as Test Dog Delaware, the first stop is the holding blind for Don and Scooter, Softmaple Boot Scoot'n DeseFlorida, Ann and Hope, Summerwind's Christmas Carol Everybody gave Steph the bird, California. Indiana, Jim and Reggie, Kyraco Kyrabean Sun 'N AirMaine,Kathy and Shikha, Shadowbrook's Stormy MondayMinnesota, Dave and Spirit, Gunflint's Beautiful AdagioCanada,Nancy and Tetley, Charwin Tea For Two New Mexico, Georgia and Cabot, Curlyglean Blaz'n NewzDawn and Dove, Sun Devil Lady Godiva Wisconsin,Jen and Carmen, Sun Devil Rock the Casbah.??,Lisa and P.J., Shawdowbrooks First PJ Party The calmest moment of her weekend was hand delivered to Iva by Deacon, Addidas Maj-General Meade, as he cinched his WC

Go Birds!

Laura and Isaac, Sun Devil Take Me OnKathy and Baby AlCalifornia, Hamilton and Marty, Solimar's Black To The Future Pennsylvania, Kelly and Scout,  Pizzazz Top Prospect

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