This is the only baby picture we have of Hunter.
He was a 3 year old when he joined the Windsong family
and we were happy just to find this photo.


Deacon was almost 5 months old when he came to us.
We waited nearly a month for the temperatures to drop low enough
for him to fly in.

He was a very sweet puppy who thought his job was to please you.
Deacon was also very good at obedience.
As a youngster, he had excellent off lead heeling before we ever worked on lead.


Singer was a curious puppy that would hunt anything that moved
like this beetle that got in the back door.

She was not afraid to wander out and explore the world.


Fresh off the plane, Ziva is home at last!

She sits on the steps surveying her new kingdom.

She just polished off the blue sponge
and is quite pleased with herself.

At 13 weeks she is still surveying her kingdom.


Taiko is our first home grown pup, the first born in his litter.
He has the sweetest, happy-go-lucky temperament.
He is bold and adventuresome. We're going to have fun with him!


Priscilla Purple is the puppy we kept from our Proper Ladies Litter.
She is a happy puppy with an easy temperament.
Shown at 3 weeks, she smiles!


Rosie is the Goldenrod Collar girl from our Roses Litter. We called her Sister Goldenrod.
She is exhausted ater an afternoon of neighborhood kid socialization day.
When she is rested, she will try again. Kids can never get enough socialization.


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