Windsong Flower Drum

Wilderness Girl

Well, it might be a stretch to call her a Wilderness Girl,
but the setting of this photo (taken Thanksgiving, 2010) is gorgeous.

And so is Carlie. She has her mother's eyes.

While on Vacation . . .

I did a little dock diving,

Walking on Water,

Splishing, and


All because Louise forgot that I was supposed to be her escort!

At 3 years of age, Carlie weighs 80 pounds.

This is my special spot.


What a bore. The folks are out shoveling snow.
What's a girl to do while she waits?

Hmmm, Look what I found.

It's just the right size.

They're still busy, I'll just step over here.

Look Ma, I can sling stick!

Wheeeee, Stick Dance, this is great!

Wait for me, I'm coming and I'm bringing my stick and that's that.

Ok, snow can be fun since it keeps the folks busy shoveling,leaving me more time to play.
At 20 months of age, Carlie weighs 75.4 pounds.

After spending the morning playing in the brackish water of the bay,
Fourteen month old Carlie enjoys a much needed nap.

Carlie at 9 months.

Cameras bring out her playful side.

So it takes great skill and patience to get a photo.

But patience is rewarded in the end.


Carlie gets to sniff her first bird - 4 months.

Next came wings.

These are pretty good.

There were bumpers too.

But she thinks the wings are better.

She's going to love being a retriever.

Carlie at 17 weeks.

My spot in the kitchen.

My predecessor left this sock for me.

Looking for my ball and stick - 16 weeks.

Who me?

Resting on the dock - 12 weeks.

Carlie decided that sitting under the boat seat was safe.

Carlie's first boat ride - 11 weeks.

Carlie felt at home snugged up against the house with her new toy - the shell.