Windsong Tabor Drums On Water


Chauncey with his neice, "Lilly, a 9 week old Standard Poodle.
Just wait until she grows up!

2012 Duck Season

We had a great early morning hunt. Here is my catch of the day!

2012 Pheasant Hunt

This year's hunt was much like the last.

I had to hunt'em up, and

Bring 'em in.

Hunt 'em up.

And bring 'em in.

And when my work was done, I had a pretty good haul.

A Dog and his Boy!

Chauncey and Ezra spending quality time together in the pool.
Chauncey is 4 years old. Ezra is 16 months old.

2011 Pheasant Hunt

Chauncey also does upland work.

Looks like he had a good day.

2011 Duck Season

Chauncey says "Bring it on!"
A lovely October Sunday morning hunt!

On July 2, 2011, John reports:
He is at 96 pounds, no fat, tall, heavy boned, and long……………

"Chauncey's Third Birthday"

Chauncey turned three and celebrated with a swimming trip.
He is patiently waiting for permission to go into the water.

Kicking up a ruckus in the water!

One dip is never enough, let's do it again.

Walking in water is quite a workout!

OK, I've had enough for now.
When can we do it again?

The Hunting Party !

Results of a successful hunt in early November,
Good Dog !

Second Birthday Boy !

Chauncey went for a fun romp on his birthday.

There were many interesting things to smell.

He laid around for a little bit.

Then went back to the truck for refreshments.

After the Hunt

Chauncey went out yesterday on a pheasant farm in snow just less than knee deep.
It was his third out time since September.
His retrieves were excellent. There were 3 birds down at once, and he was able to clean up.
He chased and retrieved a crippled bird for over 100 yards. He earned his keep on that one alone.
He improves each time he goes.

Preparing To Hunt

Here is the field where Chauncey will get his first taste of Goose hunting.

Here is Chauncey waiting for the geese to arrive.
Well maybe tomorrow morning.............

The Rock

At 14 months, Chauncey sits high atop his rock.
This is the same rock he explored in one of his first photos.

Chauncey's First Birthday ! !

He has grown into a fine fellow

Who weighs 86 pounds

And is very obedient, demonstrating his 'sit', 'down' and 'stand'
Atta Boy!

The snow is melting and 8 1/2 month old Chauncey is out scouting training grounds.

This place smells pretty good.

And there is a lot of running room.

Ok, this place will do.

Back at home, there is still snow on the ground.

Chauncey and his pal Linus enjoying play time in the snow!
Chauncey is 8 months old, Linus is a year and a half.

Linus suffered a spinal cord injury but neither boy lets it get in the way of a good game of "stick".

The game continues.

And the winner is . . . the liver boy!

Watch out Chauncey, Linus is coming back for a rematch!
Don't you love it?

The Story of Chauncey and Linus

Getting ready to go to the office.
Chauncey weighed in at 69.2 pounds on 01-20-2009 (6 months 3 weeks).

Somepuppy loves snow.

A lot!
White Christmas, eve.

Chauncey accompanied John on hunting trips at 15 weeks.
He isn't doing the retrieving yet, but it won't be long.

Chauncey has a natural obstacle course in his front yard.

He finally sat still for a photo.