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Deacon in Grass

Whether he is enjoying a Monkey Grass cushion,

or . . .

Resting after a good roll,
Deacon loves lounging on natural grass while keeping his eye on things.

Holiday Deacon

Hanging out over a holiday weekend, Deacon posed for this head study.
He has very little gray for a 13 3/4 year old fellow.

He can't figure out why we keep taking pictures. Such a bore.

Deacon Seizes the Day

Deacon celebrated his 13th birthday quietly at home,
with his favorite girlfriend, Destiny,
who knows exactly where to scratch!

Deacon in Step

From his vantage point on the steps. . .

Deacon can watch everything that goes on in the back yard.

Deacon by the Dozen

Deacon celebrated his 12th Birthday on April 28, 2007!
He considered it quite a treat to go 'fetch' ducks
and swim to his heart's content.

Deacon in the Field

Specialty WC!!! Deacon ran in his first ever field test at the National Specialty and qualified to earn his WC,
at the tender age of 11 1/2 years.

Deacon in Repose

I usually find this boy holding down his end of the couch.

This is a recliner first!

Deacon in Close

Deacon is our sweet one.
He loves to meet people but is not pushy,
He can wait his turn to be petted.
He also has the most talkative tail of the bunch.

Deacon in Bloom

A very patient boy, Deacon allowed this 'flowery' photo shoot.

Deacon in Sun

Deacon loves sunning himself

Even on HOT days!.

Deacon in Shade

I think Deacon would be happy anywhere that he could settle down
To watch the birds and squirrels.

These days when he settles into a happy spot, Ziva comes over to pester him.

And he rolls and plays like a puppy again.

Deacon in Snow

This snow bunny loves to run under the bushes
and knock off clumps of snow which usually land on his head.

Deacon in Focus

Look into my eyes.
You are getting sleepy.
You will give me cookies!

I can win this staring contest.
No one can outstare me.
I know I will win.
Then I will take your cookies!

Deacon peeks through the fence.
He and the golden boy on the other side love to race back and forth in a game of chase.

Always standing by,
Such a sweet, sweet boy.

Goodbye Deacon

Saying goodbye is so hard,
Deacon was a rock when we really needed one.
Where does the time go?


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