Windsong Drums Across The Bluegrass

This Should Be A Holiday!

I'm wearing my 'Happy St. Patrick's Day' Bandana!

I think I look good in green!

George got one too. He's handsome like me!

We got to wear them all day!

It's a Hard Life !

The rough life of Elvis & George.
The boys napping on the stair stoop.

My Third Birthday !

Elvis and George admire the personalized carob and peanut butter "cake"!

Elvis went shopping to select his birthday present.

Elvis and George enjoying Spring Break 2011.

Elvis and George enjoyed the Halloween party

Elvis on his second birthday on June 27, 2010.

His brother George helped him celebrate!

There is something about having your own pool.

Spring Break was a Blast!

Elvis and the Easter Bunny

Who is top dog now?

Watch out Dad, I'm moving on up!

The boys were very good all year and it paid off!

Turkey Day

Elvis and his brother, George get into the spirit of the holidays.

George seems to enjoy the turkey hat the most.


Waiting for the pool to open.

Elvis's favorite way to keep his cool.

His favorite home away from home.

It's always time for playtime!

The Snoozers

Elvis and Michael, sleeping soundly.

Elvis's First Birthday

Elvis celebrated his first birthday on June 27, 2009
with a well deserved nap.

Hey, what does a fella have to do to get any sleep around here?

At just over 9 months, Elvis has that "curly" look in his eye.

Peeping over their 4 foot gate . . .

George and Elvis are the 'Meet and Greet' Committee.
At 9 months, Elvis weighs 76 pounds.

Elvis (8.5 months) has become "The Pillow".
He and George enjoy a favorite pastime, Napping.

The Boys.
Elvis is almost eight months old.

The news with this photo made me chuckle,
"Elvis is taller than George"
Elvis is 6 months old, George is two and a half.

It is wonderful when your boys are best buddies.

Holiday Cheer with George, Elvis, Michael & Taylor.

Head shot at 5 months.

Elvis and George on their daily ride.

This is nightly.
George and Elvis sharing space.

Elvis and his brother George, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever,
Hanging out in the back yard.