What does Deacon call Fun?

This Kiss! This Kiss!!
(You can't say this boy is aloof with strangers!)

Deacon enjoyed booth sitting at the St. Jude Showcase of Dogs.
He loved meeting and greeting folks, eating their cookies and kissing their kids.

Hunter loves to run and jump!

Play Frisbee!

And Hang Out with the Kids!!

At 14, Hunter has aged out of jumping
But he still loves to hang out with the kids.

Waiting for the dawn

Hunter also enjoyed duck hunting.
He would have had a lot more fun
If I had been a better shot!

The Babe Loves to Fly!

And Fly!

and Fly!!

and Fly!!!

Ziva Loves to Play

Deacon is her favorite playmate.

If you can call this "play".

Taiko loves to play with his Mom, Ziva.

Visiting the Neighbors

Singer and Ziva always have time to visit our neighbors.

Hunting Parties

Quite a curly entry at the September 1997 Mid-South HRC Hunt Test
held at Twin Hills Ranch in North Mississippi.
This may be a record curly gathering?
It was a record for our judges.

Show Parties

A Curly Major at the Showcase in Memphis, 2008.

Snow Parties

When the weather gets cold, the Curlies get frisky! The snow is coming down!

Taiko is full of himself, this is his first real snow.

They spent hours outside playing in the snow,

I couldn't convince them to come inside to warm up.

Four to six inches of snow was going fast, nearly gone in one day.

Swimming Parties

There is nothing quite like swimming with friends!
Can you count the Curlies?

Just chilling out!

Singer watching squirrels? airplanes?

The boys enjoying a late summer's day.


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