Group Shots
Windsong Retrievers
Group Shots

This page is a new feature added January, 2010 to share group photos that don't fit on individual pages.
We'll be adding older shots as we run across them.


Taking group shots is a humbling experience.
It only took 25 shots to get this one.
L to R here's Zoomy, Priscilla, Ziva, Rosie and Taiko in front.

For some reason, the gate shot is easier,
but I have no idea what Rosie has on her mind.
Slight change in the lineup, it's Zoomy, Rosie, Ziva and Priscilla over Taiko.

OK, I'll sit beside you, but this is close enough.

Good heavens, that kiss fell out and I had to catch it!

Looky here . . No, looky there . . . No, here . . . No there . . . Here! There!!

Priscilla and Rosie trying to sit for that perfect 'sister' shot.

Oh come on girls, scoot closer, you can do this!

Snap, Perfect!
The Girls were featured in the 2014 Curly Calendar, themed 'Flower Curlies'
They are Misses May!


Zoomy, Ziva, Rosie, Priscilla and Taiko
November 25, 2012

The Flowering Tulip Tree in the back has a natural watering bowl in its trunk.
It collects rainwater and the Curlies prefer it to hose water.


Rosie and Priscilla at 1 year.

Taiko in a Liver Sandwich with sister, Priscilla, and daughter, Rosie.


Zoomy, Singer, Taiko and Ziva
At the entrance to the Puppy Yard.
January 17, 2010

Ziva, Zoomy and Taiko
Sitting by the Tulip Poplar.

After trying to get everyone to "sit still". We have a greater appreciation for photographers that get great shots.
We didn't get the group "down" shot today.

Spring is lovely at Windsong.
This is the 2010 version with Zoomy, Ziva and Taiko.

Ziva, Taiko and Zoomy
Christmas, 2010
Ziva is still out of coat from the Solo Litter


Over the years, many Curly folks have come to compete at the St. Jude Showcase Of Dogs.
In addition to resident Singer, Deacon and Hunter, (top) are California Charger, Hanna and Kenzie (bottom).

In 1999, we invited a lot of folks to join us at the Showcase in Memphis.
Pictured are two of the three curlies who earned their CDs at this show.
Iva and Deacon, Judge, and Ann and Chant. Janie and Ope earned their CD the following day.
Hunter picked up a CDX leg,
In agility, Harley earned her NA and Kess earned her Jww,
And in conformation Dillon earned a Group 2. What a successful turnout.


Here's a blast from the past!
Deacon, Singer and Hunter on the back steps in 1998.


In 1997, a group of Curlies gathered to run the Mid South Hunting Retriever Club's hunt test.
This was shot at Shelby Farms the day before the hunt test. They are:
Baby Singer and Hunter (left rear), Harley and Kess (front two), and Reyn and Sam (right rear).

Same group, different shot.
Not shown are Sharon T's two girls who also ran the test.

Here is everyone at the hunt test. Hunter, Harley and Sam ran Senior.
The youngsters ran Junior.