CDX,     JH,     WC,     CGC

(aka The Dragonslayer)

02-12-1992    -    07-07-2007



"The first time I met him,
I looked into his eyes and saw his soul"
                               Hunter's 'Aunt' Tammy

That would have been the day he slipped out of my office and invited himself to a
cheeseburger that he found unattended on a desk in her office down the hall.
(In his defense, it was at nose level.)

The Rest of The Story

Hunter celebrated his 15th birthday
on February 12, 2007. He gets around fairly well
but he prefers to take it easy these days.

Happy New Year - 2007
Hunter is ready to face whatever the new year dishes out!


2006 Specialty News:   Hunter competed in the Veterans Sweepstakes
at the 2006 CCRCA National Specialty in Memphis, Tennessee.

Pretty good for a 14 & 3/4 year old boy
who can still trot around the ring!!!

Thank you Sheila for giving our boy one more go round!
Thank you George for the competition photos!

. . . . .


Before he found his way to Windsong,
Hunter's show career landed him in the nation wide top ten.
Note: This is the same Sheila on the end of the leash
That gave him his last specialty go round.

. . . . .

Hunter was a re-home, success story.

He was 3 years old when he came to Windsong

On April Fools Day, 1995.

Head Study at 14


The Dragonslayer enjoying his favorite pastime
while not out slaying dragons.


You guessed it!
Guarding against Dream Dragons!!

Another favorite pastime . . .

Relaxing in the wild.

Yoga anyone?
Hunter assumes the Frog position.

On a clear day, the Dragonslayer watches over his kingdom.

Hunter has a favorite bush to lounge under.
It's great on a sunny day.

It may be a temporary change, but Hunter
has taken to spending time under the blooming Gardenia.

These beautiful blooms perfume our whole yard.

Hunter enjoys relaxing in the late afternoon.

Once in a lifetime you find that one special dog
that changes everything you "know" about life.
Hunter was my once in a lifetime dog.


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