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The Sire and Dam are:

   Taiko                                                        &                                                   Zoomy        

Puppy Pedigree

This pairing should produce pups with sound temperaments, solid conformation and tons of coat,
with excellent drive and work ethic.


CH Jangio's Flying High

CHIC # 63067
CR-865G29F-VPI Hips - Good
CR-EL194F29-VPI Elbows - Normal
CR-CA326/29F/C-VPI Cardiac - Normal - Cardiologist
CR-1001 Eyes - Clear
GSD IIIa Clear by Parentage

Zoomy is a beautiful girl, very solid and elegant with a thick, lucious coat.
She was Reserve Winner's Bitch at the 2007 CCRCA National Specialty held in Racine, Wisconsin.
Zoomy trains in competitive Obedience and Rally and shows great promise.
In the field, she puts great gusto into each retrieve and she loves the water.
She has also shown a remarkable aptitude for Agility, she is a very quick learner.
She spent most of last year training and showing with her junior handler.
She has a carefree, playful attitude and is a very lovable girl.

Zoomy's page


CH Windsong Drum of Wings on Water

CR-CA373/28M/P-VPI Cardiac - Normal
CR-931G28M-VPI Hips - Good
CR-EL224M28-VPI Elbows - Normal
CR-1025 CERF - Clear
GSD IIIa Clear by Parentage

Taiko is an outstanding dog with excellent temperament and type, and tons of coat.
At 10 months of age, he placed fourth
in a very competitive Bred-By-Exhibitor class at the 2009 National Specialty.
He has a warm, outgoing personality.
A quick learner, he excells in multiple performance events.
He loves retrieving, agility, obedience, rally and tracking.

Taiko's page

Into the First Week


We have six pups that were born March 2, 2011,
3 black males and 3 black females.

Zoomy delivered her first pup at 8:30 a.m.

When all was said and done, she had six healthy, black puppies.

They ranged in size from one 7.2 ounce girl to a 15.6 ounce male,
with most on the heavier end of the scale.

This is what 2 day old puppies do:

When they aren't sleeping, they are eating!

Although this is her first litter,
Zoomy instinctively knew how to take care of her babies.

This is how 4 day old puppies play:

As in this case, when I let Zoomy out in the morning, she interrupts breakfast
and the pups are not too happy about it. They will settle down
and we will do their morning excercises, weigh them, and clean the nursery.

Into the Second Week

They are growing, but still take up very little room.

They spend most of their day sleeping.

They begin their day with early neurological stimulation exercises.
These exercises have been shown to improve health and development later in life.
then we grab a quick weight.

Even when they sleep, they dream and occassionally suckle in mid air.

They usually seek out another pup to sleep next to for warmth.

They are all beginning to try to walk.

It consists of wobbly walk, fall over and roll, then wobbly walk some more.

Thumbelina, the smallest puppy has finally topped a pound.
In earlier pictures she was wearing a pale pink collar,
but we changed her to teal to match her stronger personality!

This is how 8 day old puppies play:

That's right, they still sleep most of the time.
But even in sleep, they move around a lot.
Big Blue is the largest puppy, Thumbelina is the smallest.
More times than not, I find them together.
Burgandy Boy is an equal opportunity pup, he snuggles with anyone.

Into the Third Week

Over the past two days, all of the pups have begun opening their eyes.
We'll have to get creative with light sources to get any pictures for the next little while.

This is how 15 day old puppies play:

This one was taken at night under the infrared light.
Zoomy had just gone out for the last time of the evening
and the pups had a spurt of energy.
They are steadier on their feet, but still fall and roll a lot.
They are also developing distinct "voices" as you hear towards the end.
The camera shake was caused by Zoomy coming for some special attention.

This is how 17 day old puppies play:

They have begun "play" behavior and interacting more with one another.
They started this behavior in smaller groups within the past couple of days,
but this is the best example I've been able to capture.
They are about to get FUN!

Towards the end of the third week, all of the pups have tripled in size.
I love their velcro collars. We have three sizes of each color to grow with them.

They still have spurts of activity, then drop off to sleep wherever they are.

In addition to sleeping on top of each other, they seem to like elevated pillows.

They are getting more sure on their feet and they are beginning to climb
It won't be long before the second panel will need to go up.

The pups have outgrown their cardboard box and now relax in a crate while the nursery is cleaned.

Into the Fourth Week

The pups are noticeably larger in their box.

This is how 21 day old puppies play:

They happily interact with each other,
climbing and stretching, rolling and starting over.

They have all mastered the skill of sitting without falling over.

They still need to move while the nursery is being cleaned
But now they notice their surroundings and watch what goes on around them.

They wake up when Zoomy hops out to see who is coming through the door.
Which is the perfect time to get great pictures!

Their playful antics are becoming sweet "Kodak Moments".

The infrared light is long gone as they are better able to maintain body temperature,
But when there is a cold snap, they pile up to share heat.

Drum roll please!
Thumbelina has topped two pounds ! ! ! ! !
She has increased her size proportionally to Big Blue
From 1/3 his size to 1/2 his size,
as he is now just over four pounds.

The pups are now kid tested and approved!
Alex thinks they are just fine!
They will meet more kids over the next few weeks.

And the answer is Burgandy Boy!
To the question "Who will be the first pup out of the Box?"
Zoomy required many wonderful cookies before she could jump
over the additional panel with ease.
Of course, I think she milked it for all it was worth.
She'll put her front feet on the edge, then launch herself up,
. and with her rear feet will rest on the edge, she'll balance herself
before she hops off,leading with her front feet.
Ever see the elephant on a stool? She reminds me of that.
But at least she isn't jumping blind and landing on puppies.

The pups have new toys. Watching them play is such a hoot!
My next video assignment: "playing with toys" - coming soon.

Into the Fifth Week

They continue to grow!
They are so sweet when they sleep.

I still find it amazing how the pups can drop off to sleep
Right in the middle of playful activity.
Even the camera flash didn't wake her up.
Sleep tight Chiquita!

This is how 30 day old puppies play when left to their own devices:

Thumbelina is usually the last one out of the box when it is time to clean.
At 30 days, she can entertain herself.
She is discovering her body parts. Here she finds a foot.
She is such a happy little puppy!

Also at 30 days, when they are moved to temporary digs, they improvise:

They are filling up their temporary space rapidly.
There are four here, the other two still get weighed and cuddled
before the nursery clean-up begins.
Because she is still smaller than the rest, Thumbelina goes in last.
Of course, she thinks she is their size, I really do it for me!

Big Blue and the Yellow Girl that I call Chiquita Banana.

Mean Green (the Loving Machine) and Thumbelina.

Peaches peeks at me then runs off to play.

Off goes Bugandy Boy while Big Blue hops up for his turn to peek.

Did I mention that they all have sharp little Teeth?

When I get ready to leave, they all hop up to see.

Big Blue was the first puppy to top five pounds.

Chiquita wants to be picked up.

Into the Sixth Week

Yeah, the Puppy Yard is Back!

The pups' first venture into their new play yard.

There are two types of kennels for the pups to play in.
Chiquita likes the plastic one.

There are interactive toys like the circle jump.

The teeter totter is always a hit!

They love congregating under this shady bush.
It is cool under here, and it has low branches to climb,
a tasty limb to chew on and dangling leaves that tease.

Mean Green loves the out doors.

Big Blue likes to hide behind things

And under things.

Burgandy Boy likes natural chews.

Burgandy Boy.

Chiquita Banana

Thumbelina is a curious puppy who follows her nose everywhere.
And she is catching up! She is now 2/3's the size of Big Blue.

Camera Clown.

Peaches and Thumbelina like the cool pavers.

Peaches play bows.

Burgandy Boy is fast. I tried to capture a 'sit on the table',
but I could only catch him jumping off.

And the first puppy through the Circle Jump is . . .

Thumbelina! ! !

This is how 40 day old puppies play:

Into the Seventh Week

The puppies now range from 5+ to 8+ pounds and take up much more space.

After all the rain in the last few days,
Today turned into bath day!

And there was no escaping the kitchen sink.

Getting dry wasn't too bad, in fact, it was rather pleasant.

Big Blue found a great spot to scratch.

Playing outside is the high point of the day now.

Thank goodness for sunshine.

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.

Peaches and her Papa, Taiko.

The View from above.
The obstacles move around almost every day.
The early spring grass is spreading and hopefully
will fill in the bare areas in a few years.
We are not cutting it on purpose as it is seeding now.
By early summer, the entire puppy yard will be filled in with bermuda.

Saturday was a gorgeous day for play.
and we spent most of it outside.

On Sunday, we had company all day long!

They came to play and get their 'puppy fix'.

They got to hold everyone.

To expose them to little people!.

And to expose them to bigger people.
It was the perfect day for a lot of enjoyable socialization.
And the pups had a blast!

Into the Eighth Week

They keep getting bigger!

This is how 50 day old puppies play:

The play yard has been packed down due to stormy weather,
but the pups were having quite the time with a couple of stuffed, camoflauge bumpers.

We've had severe, stormy weather this spring.
The pups weathered the storms in the basement.

Into the Ninth Week

They're expanding to match their space.

When the weather cleared we introduced the pups to duck wings.
They went ballistic!
Even the tip of a feather means a pup has a stake in the duck wing.

After play, Peaches has that "please pick me up" look on her face.
Note the perfect obedience "front" position.

We finally broke out the pink pool, but alas, it won't hold water.

Between rain showers, the pups ventured into the big yard.
There were puddles everywhere.

Hey, we found water here!
The empty fountain filled quickly with rain water and tuplip poplar blooms.
The high winds blew them down prematurely.

The pups wait for me to join them in the puppy yard.

Something has piqued their attention.

Burgandy Boy, in a quiet moment.

Like her daddy, Chiquita Banana hangs over her perch.

Into the Tenth Week

It is fun to watch the pups eat.
They continually move around the bowl in a slow, conter-clockwise motion.

It appears that the pups have inherited their father's fetish for sticks.

At last, we got a gaiting photo that wasn't a total blur.

Another Kodak miracle, Big Blue is leaping directly at me so he stays in focus.

Multi-talented Big Blue balances on the teeter.
Now why couldn't he stand that pretty when we botched our "stack" pictures?

This is how 62 day old puppies play:

We are down to five puppies, as Booker, formerly known as Mean Green,
went to his wonderful new, hunting home on May 1st.

Last weekend three more puppies left for new homes.
Burgandy Boy and Peaches will keep each other company until next weekend.

Caught in the middle of a Yawn.

This boy is sticking close to me.

Waiting to go inside.

Into the Future

And so it goes, the Windsong Puppies begin to leave for their new homes.

Mean Green was the first to go to his new home.
His folks drove through torrential rains coming and going
to get their 'Booker' home to Wisconsin.
The call that they made it safely was welcome news.
He made the trip without accident, and in a word, they descibe him as
"FANTASTIC!" (or was that "FABULOUS"?)
Either way, I could have told them that he is!

Big Blue is ready to roll on the long road to Chicago.

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