Priscilla         &          Olivia



The Sire and Dam are:

  TR                                            &                                              Ziva       

Puppy Pedigree


CH Softmaple Windsong IB Splendid

CHIC No. 56753
OFA Hips CR-863G27F-PI Good
OFA Cardiac CR-CA312/22F/P-PI
CERF CR-942 2008
Ziva is GSDIIIa Clear by parentage.

Ziva is a lovely girl with a strong field drive.
Her coat is thick, close curled, and virtually impenetrable.
She has proven to be a very fast learner and has demonstrated
a great aptitude in obedience, agility and field.
Ziva is a working dynamo who can turn it off when she hits the couch.
While she is driven in her work, she is loving and cuddly when at rest.
She spent most of her show career performing as half of a Junior Handler team.
This photo was taken on her first birthday.

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GCH CH Boyerie's Thomas Robert

CHIC #66859
OFA Hips CR-905E25M-VPI - Excellent
OFA Cardiac CR-CA360/24M/C-VPI Normal Cardiologist
CERF CR-1011 2010

T R is a handsome dog with excellent conformation, temperament and type.
He is tall and well muscled with a beautiful, extremely thick coat. He is also extremely intelligent.
T R was awarded an Award of Merit at the 2011 Westminster Kennel Club Show.
He also earned an Award of Merit at the 2011 National Specialty, and has earned group placements.
T R is the son of Dillon, an All Breed Best in Show winner, and C'est Bon, a lovely import.
He is the grandson of CeCe (Such Charm),who is a member of
the trilogy of sisters behind most of the Windsong Curlies.
The sisters consistently produced fabulous temperaments and beautiful type,
the qualities so evident in T R.


July 26, 2011

Two healty, black girls were born on July 26, 2011.
They weighed in at 15.9 ounces and 15.2 ounces.

We thought we'd give the girls proper names so we dubbed them
Olivia Orange and Priscilla Purple.
Something tells me we'll just call them Ollie and Pris.


The girls don't even begin to fill the box.

I usually find them at rest, head to head.

Ziva is such a good Mom.

The pups began their daily, early neurological stimulation exercises on the third day.
These exercise have been shown to improve health and development later in life.

This is how 4 day old puppies play:

They spend most of their day eating, sleeping and being tended by Mom.

For some reason, Ziva decided she liked paper decorating over fleece.
To avoid a crush injury, we've taken the fleece out for awhile.

Paper doesn't provide much traction but the girls still manage to get around.

Priscilla, that is not real champagne!

We've modified the decor a little by adding the fleece back,
and adding more paper on top for Ziva's comfort level.
So far so good!

Sometimes I wonder how she can find them so easily without stepping on them.

The girls don't have to fight a crowd for breakfast,

so it is not uncommon to see one at the milk bar while the other sleeps soundly.

After breakfast they go through their excercises, then we grab a quick weight.

Then it is into the heated box while the housekeeping chores are done.


At a week of age, Priscilla and Olivia are still small but definitely growing
and beginning to develop noticeable personalities.

They are also beginning to develop some "cuteness".

Their motor skills are improving and they can roll over more easily.

They are beginning to hold their heads up, but not for extended periods.

They still sleep most of the time.

They have amazing strength when they suckle.
Their tongues are very flexible and form a vacuum when they nurse.

They can hold on so tightly that if Mom gets up and leaves the box,
they can dangle and be carried out of the box with her.
The panel usually brushes them off, but I'm not surprised if I find that one has riden out of the box.

The girls have doubled in size.

They are becoming much more aware of each other and their surroundings.

They start every day being held, talked to and played with.
Their exercises will be ongoing for another week.

Olivia in full yawn. She could be a singer with those chops.

It can't last long, but Priscilla loves to walk under the pig rail.
She does laps around the box in no time at all.

They are beginning to explore. Priscilla has found the ledge.

We knew the eyes were about to open, but they didn't appear to be open in the dim light of their box.
They opened this much overnight! At this rate they'll be fully open today.

We'll have to get creative with lighting to get more pictures,
while these baby eyes are developing.


They've tripled in size and are starting to be fun!

In the morning, they respond when I call their names.

We put the balls in today and each puppy was curious about them.
Still no teeth so chew toys won't go in for awhile.

I caught their first "play" session today.
It might be a stretch but they appeared to be playing with each other.

The pups have started to climb. Finding the ledge was Big.

Each day they can do more than the day before.

They're still sleeping when I come in each morning,
and I love seeing them rouse when I call their names.

The balls are interesting and must be checked out.

Priscilla was the first to find the short side.
Where did you go?

Olivia can fall asleep wherever she is.

She is so cute when she sleeps!

More toys were added and the pups continue to investigate them.

Oh, we're getting up there now!

The play is getting more interactive.


They are noticeably Bigger!

Priscilla Smiles!
She is such a happy puppy.

Interactive play is the new norm!

Priscilla was playing on the rail when she dropped off to sleep.
Why doesn't she fall off?

Both girls are curious about the other side, but neither is trying to escape, yet!

Both girls have broken the 5 pound barrier.
They take turns weighing the most. It bounces back and forth.

They are getting more fun to watch when they play.

This was still easy play.

Ah, they are coming into their "curlieness"
Olivia demonstrates the "Curly paw cross" for Priscilla.


A full four weeks old, they will begin to look a lot more
like little dogs as they go into this fifth week.

I can only imagine that Olivia rolled over and her feet didn't clear the ledge.
Surely, at this age, she hasn't learned the finer art of propping her feet up.

Priscilla was up to greet me this morning. I caught her mid strctch.
The girls usually enjoy a predawn breakfast before they dose back off.
Their awake time is beginning to exceed their sleep time.

Oh yeah, the lower teeth are coming in too!

The girls are now playing in earnest.

They are seriously considering escape.

Let me tell you a secret.

It's Time to Go Outside!

We got water!

Strange green things.

What is this for?

What shall I do next?

This grass smells good.

What a strange place to put an obstacle course.

Hey, what's out there?

I found this neat hideout.

I like it in here.

Room to run.

Let me catch my breath.

Look, I can roll.

Why don't you come sit over here?

Hey look, it's Mom.

I can get my nose through for a kiss.

Run and jump.

I'm tired.

Warm weather makes me yawn.

What a neat place to hide.

I'm watching you!

I like this spot under the swing.

It's time to go inside.

Nothing like an afternoon snack after a hard day at play.

The day pen is great for naps.

Playing outside is exhausting,
I'll gather all my worldly goods together and Crash!


The girls are flirting with the 7 pound mark on the scale.

They are eating their first solid food.

They look more like little dogs than rolly pollys.

Priscilla striking a pose.

This is how 35 day old puppies play:

The girls are learning interaction skills. Priscilla starts out as "top dog"
and after she flips, Olivia takes over.
This give and take behavior helps them learn as they grow.

Sometimes the camera catches the funniest things!
Like spinning heads. The older they get, the harder it is to keep them still to get good shots.

This bed is awfully hard, and a bit narrow.

Says Olivia, "I didn't break it, nope, not me, I'm innocent!"

But as long as it's here, I may as well hop up and have a look.

Do you think we might get the pool out? Please!

Oh Sister!

Mama she's looking at me!
We finally let Zoomy out with the pups and she was keenly interested in them.


It is harder to catch them sleeping for a "grow shot" now,
but you can still see how much they have grown.
Although they spend a lot of time in the Day Pen,
It is still cozier for them to sleep in the box.

The girls took advantage of the beautiful weather this weekend,
and spent a lot of time outside.

Their play is really getting 'fun' now.

Priscilla was stalking like a cat
she must think she is invisible if she goes slow enough.

The girls were delighted that Jo came to visit.
The kids came too, but we were having so much fun,
we forgot to take more pictures.

The obstacles are getting smaller.

The table is a favorite.

Priscilla strikes a pose.

The teeter makes a great resting spot.

And Zoomy keeps watching.

This is how 47 day old puppies play:

Why is it that both girls want to be in the same small space?

What is it about a concrete block that makes it interesting?

It is set with holes up because the horizontal holes led to a pathway under the fence.
Yep, our sweet Olivia discovered that.

Taiko greets little sister, Olivia.

Hmmm, that is a concrete wall, so where do they think they're going?

Let's see, should we play with these guys?

Yes, let's play!
Alex and Sydney enjoy the play time with the girls.

Where do you think the kids went? I like company.

Ahem, excuse me, may I pass?

What is this on my tongue? . . . Oh . . . yes I was just eating a stick.

Arent' I sweet?

The light hit this just right to make it appear abstract.

Without the light, it is a regular picture.

Sneak peak!

Priscilla loves sticks.

Says Priscilla: "I was just going to walk over the ball instead of around it,
but I got stuck.


This is how 52 day old puppies play:

Like mother like daughter, Olivia loves Monkey Grass.

Priscilla tries to get a better view.

There's nothing like a good game of stick.

When you're a Curly anything makes a good toy.

Something is going on over there.

Taiko is fascinated by his little sisters.

He could watch them all day.

Priscilla topped 11 pounds.



Priscilla can multi-task. She can scratch without losing her stick.

She can even smile with her stick.

Olivia loves to hide under the teeter.

She is invisible, you know.

You want on my teeter? You're joking, right?

Oh no, a two headed dog?

The girls decided to share.

Now here is a face a mother could love!

This is how 57 day old puppies play:

Olivia found an acorn.
Alas, Olivia lost her acorn.

Saturday weather was beautiful for a change

and the girls ran their little hearts out.

The girls love sharing space.

Priscilla got stuck for just a bit, but then . . .

She conquered the tire!

Oh joy, Saturday also means Company!

Lucy Bell came to socialize the girls for toddlers.

She took them for a walk in the big yard,

Then she sat down and shared the Love.
Wonder what Olivia is whispering that is so funny?


Both girls are over 14 pounds.

The welcoming committee, they're saying "hurry up"!

Another Kodak moment, a jump in perfect clarity.

Olivia was the first to leave us, on Sunday morning.
She has a new family which includes kids and cousins
and a Dad that thinks she is wonderful.
Such a lucky girl!


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