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The Sire and Dam are:

   Taiko                                                        &                                                   Zoomy        

Puppy Pedigree

This pairing should produce pups with sound temperaments, solid conformation and tons of coat,
with excellent drive and work ethic.


CH Jangio's Flying High

CHIC # 63067
CR-865G29F-VPI Hips - Good
CR-EL194F29-VPI Elbows - Normal
CR-CA326/29F/C-VPI Cardiac - Normal - Cardiologist
CR-1001 Eyes - Clear
GSD IIIa Clear by Parentage

Zoomy is a beautiful girl, very solid and elegant with a thick, lucious coat.
She was Reserve Winner's Bitch at the 2007 CCRCA National Specialty held in Racine, Wisconsin.
Zoomy trains in competitive Obedience and Rally and shows great promise.
In the field, she puts great gusto into each retrieve and she loves the water.
She has also shown a remarkable aptitude for Agility, she is a very quick learner.
She spent most of last year training and showing with her junior handler.
She has a carefree, playful attitude and is a very lovable girl.

Zoomy's page


CH Windsong Drum of Wings on Water, CGC

CR-CA373/28M/P-VPI Cardiac - Normal
CR-931G28M-VPI Hips - Good
CR-EL224M28-VPI Elbows - Normal
CR-1025 CERF - Clear
GSD IIIa Clear by Parentage

Taiko is an outstanding dog with excellent temperament and type, and tons of coat.
At 10 months of age, he placed fourth
in a very competitive Bred-By-Exhibitor class at the 2009 National Specialty.
He has a warm, outgoing personality.
A quick learner, he excells in multiple performance events.
He loves retrieving, agility, obedience, rally and tracking.

Taiko's page


The first puppy made his appearance at 7:59 a.m. on Saturday, October 29, 2011

At the end of the day, there were nine, six boys and three girls, all black, as expected.

They ranged in size from 12+ to 15+ ounces.

They have been very active since arriving.


Nine little Curlies in a box.

The green girl was the first puppy to turn over.

The other two girls. Hot pink, later changed to Pink Pastel, and Sister Goldenrod.

We don't know how it happened, but Navy was the first pup to get out of the box.

They pile up to stay warm.

Red boy was the first one I saw smile.

The reason hot pink changed collars - in the low light, I couldn't distinguish her from the red boy.

This is how puppies play in the first week of life:

Yes, they sleep most of the time.

The pups began their daily, early neurological stimulation exercises on the third day.
These exercise have been shown to improve health and development later in life.
To learn more, click here:

All 9 are here. The invisible two are under the ledge acting as pillows.
After Navy escaped the box on day 3, we do a head count every time we enter the room.

The pups fit nicely in a copy paper box when they travel and the heating pad keeps them warm.
They also go to the box while we do housekeeping chores.

Pink Pastel and Sister Goldenrod.


The pups are growing and most of them now top a pound.

Several are also trying to walk. They still do the "wobble, wobble, fall over" steps,
but the efforts started much earlier with these pups.

It won't be long before the pups will no longer fit in their copy paper box.

Pink Pastel is the smallest and busiest puppy. Her brother is oblivous of her climbing

Purple boy.

The pups constantly climb over each other.

Even in their sleep . . .

. . . they constantly move.

Blue boy.

Even being on the bottom of the pile has its merits. It is the warmest seat around.

The pups are learning to hold their heads up.

All of the pups are beginning to walk. Orange is getting pretty good at it.

This is how puppies play in the second week of life:

By the end of the second week, they are developing mobility skills.


The pups are noticeably larger and all have at least doubled in size.

Their eyes are opening (still one holdout).
Unless they are sleeping, all pictures are taken using the zoom function.
We don't want a flash going off in their faces.

And you can see their curiosity as they try to match the new 'pictures' to the sounds they are familiar with.

They have outgrown their copy paper box and now use a kennel.

They are beginning to explore. The ledge is a stretch at this stage.

Pink Pastel is still the smallest (youngest) puppy, but she is also the busiest.
She has the best walking skills so far.

Orange Boy walked across the box and performed a perfect tuck sit.
He may be a great obedience prospect.

They are starting to play when they interact!

Sweet Pea (green girl) was the first puppy I saw attempting to climb onto the rail.

A tenacious girl, she kept on despite many falls.

And she is showing the others how it is done.

Climbing skills require practice:

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures.
Sweet Pea is determined to conquer the ledge.
She has great tenacity and she will not give up!

They are all walking with fewer falls and getting steady on their feet.

Play time is getting very entertaining.

Several pups are stretching for freedom.

Guess which pup climbed out of the box first?
Yes, it was Big Orange (Go Vols!)

Pink Pastel found a tail to tug.

And sleep still comes . . . whenever . . . wherever . . . and with whomever.

This is how puppies play in the third week of life:

By the end of the third week, the puppies are finding their "voices".
They experiment with different sounds much like human infants do.


The pups are into the triple size week.
Green boy was the first to top three pounds.

To avoid having to retrieve them as they found their way over and out,
We had to put the second panel in the doorway.

We let them have the water bowl for a bit. Two ended up with wet feet, none drank.
They'll get to keep it when they are big enough to get out.

By the end of this week, the pups are in full play mode.


The pups started solid food a couple of days ago.
With a litter so large, it helps to supplement their Mom.
She still nurses them at will.

After a meal and play, it is nap time.

Agility skills become very evident during this week.

There is just something special about suppertime.

The pups are getting a more solid version of their mush.

They've also outgrown the small kennel (that replaced the copy paper box).

Got some peepers!

We're calling red collar boy, Reddie Eddie.
He just acts like an Eddie!

It is only natural to call the goldenrod girl, Sister Goldenrod.
(we could hardly call her Sister Goldenhair)

And our Sweet Pea is also named after her collar color (sweet pea green).


The first pup has topped six pounds.
This is the first time we've been able to catch them all asleep at once.
They have such creative sleeping positions.

O Happy Day,
It is time to go Outside!

The pups got their first taste of terra firma

Almost immediately they found the best secret spot around.
At one point, seven of the nine disappeared in the shadows of the bench.

Big Orange was the first puppy on the table.

A fetching Blue Boy

Our sweet Mr. Greenjeans.

Navy decided to adopt a shoe.

Then he found a cool place under the chair.

Because torrential rains are predicted for tomorrow, the big obstacles stayed put.

Our Big Orange boy, so named in hopes that he would become a volunteer.
He was the sole holdout that prompted our trip to the Vet's office on his birthday.

Pink Pastel found confidence in the bench. She was not alone.

You ask why we always tip the wagon over on its side?
So that Purple People Eater will have a neat hideout, of course.

Our lovely Sister Goldenrod.

She found a tight place to squeeze into.

Have you ever seen a sweeter face?

Pink Pastel in the leaves.

Sweet Pea was overwhelmed by all the things to see and do.

She had to test out Navy's special spot under the chair.

The table kept drawing them back for more.

When we came back in, the pups had a new place to play.
The Day Pen is back!

Sister Goldenrod sampled several toys,
Crawling over one after another until she got to the ball.

Two puppies making eyes at one toy.

They'll wrestle for it.

Sister Goldenrod looking cute.

It's more fun to sleep with toys.

Outside again, Mr. Greenjeans enjoys a table perch.

Blue Boy amid the leaves.

There are many obstacles to challenge the pups.

Priscilla is on the retaining wall trying to get closer to the little guys.

Reddie Eddie is curious about her too.

Sister Goldenrod below the fountain

Blue Boy checks out the table.

Two girls on the teeter.

Sister Goldenrod likes standing on the teeter. The rocking didn't phase her.

The pups follow the big dogs until the gate stops them.

Big Orange looks intently at what the others are doing.

Big sticks are interesting to little pups so we leave them there.

Navy in the sunlight.

Pink Pastel tasted the wall. Then she tasted a little higher.
I don't know what it tastes like, but she seems to like it.

Sweet Pea likes sticks as much as her daddy does.


Growing pups need a hearty breakfast.

We had a beautiful sunshine Sunday.

And we had company who came for a puppy fix.
Mica is Zoomy's junior handler so these pups are very special.

Priscilla's first time back into the puppy yard.
She remembered her obstacles. She went right off the end of the teeter
and put all four feet on the table.

Sweet Pea checked out Priscilla.

She became an instant playmate.

Pink Pastel checked her out too. Then she walked up and kissed her.

The Pups still sleep in their box. They are ready to get up and go.

It's Saturday and we have a big day planned.
Priscilla gets to play with the pups again.
It is hard to believe she is only 3 months older.
They grow so fast!

The teeter is fun at any age.
Priscilla remembers the obstacles, she just doesn't fit them like she used to.

We have company! Will is getting acquainted with Mr. Greanjeans.
He made sure to play with every puppy.

Ansly played with each one too, but she kept going back to Pink Pastel.

The tire is big enough for kids too.
After their play date, the kids helped all the pups get back inside for a nap.

The next time out in the yard, they want to know if the kids are coming too.
Not this time guys, but they'll be back again.
Play dates are fun for kids and provide priceless socialization for puppies!

How many 7 week old puppies can fit on the table?
At least four!


Caught in the act of sleeping.
Eddie is the one using the water bowl for a pillow.

Big Orange checks everything out every time he goes outside.

When we come outside, they all run to greet us.

The pups love the ramp, perhaps because they are higher up.

Hamming it up for the camera.

Games of chase are getting creative.

Sister Goldenrod found the inner circle in the tire.

Two of the girls are interested in something.

Sweet Pea with Blue Boy.

What are you staring at?

The pups love sitting on the teeter too.

It has been a long day and the pups are getting tired.

Very tired!

Due to the rainy weather, we decided to evaluate pups inside.
And decided to incorporate our duck wing exposure into the test.
Mr. Greenjeans assures me the only problem he has with duck is getting it off of the string.


They keep getting bigger.
This was snapped after they settled in for the night.

Christmas Day was such fun. Priscilla played with the pups again.

She offered Big Orange pointers on the teeter.

They love playing together.

Fewer pups will comfortably fit on the table.

They had special company, Carol and Jim, who held and played with each of them.

Jim picked a spot by the teeter . . .

And the pups wandered over to check him out.
They couldn't get enough of Jim.

It helped to climb on the teeter to get closer.

An exhausted Sister Goldenrod found a quiet place to grab nap.

How do you count puppies in the dark?
Count the eyes and divide by two.


Happy New Year! Sister Goldenrod has no resoultions, she's eating the water bowl.

Pink Pastel enjoys New Year's Day weather.

Mr. Greenjeans is happy the rain is gone.

No, we didn't give a sit command, this just happened.

Trying to get closer, but the fence is in the way..

Big Orange played too hard. He dropped off to sleep almost immediately.

It's hard to believe they could get any sweeter.
then you watch them sleeping.


Hmmmm, this is pretty tasty

Didn't there used to be more of us?

Hi There!
You caught me in the middle of a game.

I believe it is my turn to be the lap dog!

Games are more fun if you pile up.

I either need a bigger table or a smaller stick.

My name is Rosie and I'm not going anywhere.

This is my brother, Jockey. I love him.

Can I come swing with you?

I am a very curious boy.

I love being outside.

I think there is something under there. I'll let you know when I find it.

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