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Honey is a Nanday Conure, a small parrot native to
South America. He came to us after losing a foot
in a freak accident shortly after hatching.
Honey is one busy bird. Anyone who has called us
on the phone can attest to that. He joined us in 2001.


Maestro is the fearless, feral kitten
that moved in under the bush beside the puppy yard.
Four barking dogs couldn't scare him away.

He joined the Windsong family in 2002.

Flamingo's Lucy of Southwyck


Lucy joined us in January of 2005 after losing her owner

She turned 4 on April 2, 2006.

I'm getting much better at clipping her.
Before we settled on a simple puppy cut,
she was forced to endure several exotic trims.

She has caused me to appreciate even more
that my curlies are Wash-N-Wear Dogs.

Hunter in Lucy hair.

  Bitter/Sweet Flash  
Lucy has gone to a new home,
Where she will be an only "child",
She is expected to live the life of a Princess.
We miss her terribly!!

Windsong St. Nicholas, CGC


Niki is the pound puppy we adopted
in September of 1993 at 11 weeks of age.
We celebrate his birthday every 4th of July.
Niki enjoyed agility before it became an AKC sport.
He has tolerated each new curly a little better than the last
but maintains his position that I messed up
when I removed his "only" dog status.

Sadly, we lost Niki on 5/27/06



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