"Hungry Eyes"
This is what happens when you go to a business meeting . . .
And beg for cookies from a guy with a camera . . . snap!

We took a road trip to visit the Cardiologist (I passed my heart test).
And when we were done, we went to the Steeplechase park to meet our new friends
Lisa (who took my picture), Sherri, Pearl and Lyric.
Do your think I have soulful eyes?


I think we need a new season, "Summer Soon"!

It's perfect transition time from full bloom to full green!

Perfect weather for kicking back outside.

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring finally got here and now we're scouting for places to take pictures. I think I like the color of this bush.

Ok, so the collar is off, do I look better glancing this way . . . my serious look . . .

. . . or should I tilt my chin up slightly, like this? Hmmm, does this make me look smug? I just can't decide!

Well, technically it's not Spring yet.

But nobody told the Forsythia!

Can we do this later, when it's really Spring?


On a beautiful November day, I run free!

Playing is my strong suit.

First Birthday!

Today is my birthday, July 26, 2012, I'm one.

I'm so grown up now.

Love my pearly whites!

I enjoyed having a quiet afternoon without the rest of the pack.
It is nearly over, which is good, because
it really is a hundred degrees out here!

First Spring

I love a blustery March morning.

At 8.5 months I weigh 56.5 pounds.

You never get too big to play with your Mom.

What a life, play . . . rest . . . play . . . rest . . . .
This is me at rest.

I've got my eye on you!

I think green suits me.

I also look lovely in bloom.

This was a beautiful morning, but I'm ready for my nap cookie.

Happy New Year

Yaaaawwnnnn, I didn't get my long winter's nap out!
It's January but I'll have to wait til next year for a real winter.
We didn't have one this year.

Hey Brother, wait for meeeeeeeee!

I'm just going to sit by my tree and look pretty!
I am five and a half months old and they say I have my mother's eyes.

Happy New Year Big Brother!


Priscilla offers Big Orange tips on the finer arts of mastering the teeter.

She got to go outside without the big dogs on a beautiful fall afternoon.

She was born curious. She stares intently at something which has piqued her curiosity.

She intensly sniffs at that something.

And she tastes it, yes, the grass does have a yummy aroma this time of year.

She runs up and down the steps for fun. She stopped to see where brother, Taiko was.

Puppy Love!

Chef Michael in a can is a great enticement to "stand pretty".
We love, love, love her conformation!
Shown at 3 months, she stands!

Flash Forward, here she is at 3 years, still standing pretty!

Priscilla Purple is the puppy we kept from our Proper Ladies Litter.
She is a happy puppy with an easy temperament.
Shown at 3 weeks, she smiles!



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