We took a road trip to visit the Cardiologist (I passed my heart test).
And when we were done, we met our new friends at the Steeplechase park.
Lisa wants to take my picture, but all I can see is THAT COOKIE!

If I sit still, I get to go play with Pearl and Lyric. I'm a rock!


Spring at my place is full of green!

I like my "me" time!


I'm ready to go in now!

Sometimes I like to wear my ears up
Kind of cute, don't you think?
That's me on the right, and my sister Priscilla.

First Birthday

Today (October 29) is my birthday and we're spending quality time outside.

I'm going to hop up on this wall.

Did you get me a present?

I'm waiting.

OK, that's enough pictures.

It's nice to have a pool when it is over 100 degrees out,
I left all my dust in the water!

Hey Mom, What's this on my paw?

This is Rosie, the former Sister Goldenrod, ready to launch herself towards the camera.
She is 5 months old in these photos.
She weighs 40 pounds.

After a bath, she plays in the yard.

She strikes a pose.

She looks good in flowers.

After a romp in the pool, she watches the others play.



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