(aka The Babe)

12-29-1996  -  2-04-2010


A Blast From the Past
While going through some pictures, we found these!
It was hard to to get a good shot using film, but we're thankful that we did.

She was just barely over a year old but she nearly nailed her pretty stand.

We went to a city lake and were lucky to get a good shot,
the ducks and geese kept distracting her.

Back to Reality

Singer enjoyed a lovely January day in 2010.

Always by my side, what a wonderful Babe.

The eyes are the windows of the soul.


Singer celebrated her 13th birthday on December 29, 2009.
She wouldn't cooperate for photos but I was able to get one
that shows how very little gray she has.

This is as close as she can get to something that smells yummy.
She'll end up flopping over and rolling on the smell before long.
Luckily, whatever it is, it won't be objectionable to me.
On her first field outing at 3 months of age, she struck this pose
at the top of a pile of ducks, then dropped to roll in their delightful new aroma.
She was an avid retriever to the bone.

Singer celebrated her 12th birthday
on December 29, 2008!

She hasn't slowed down much and she still picks the paper up most mornings.

From the yard below, Singer watches the window for clues
that someone is going to come out or let her in.

What is this stuff?
We rarely get this much snow!

Singer enjoys sunning herself.

She loves this cozy spot behind the couch
where she can see everything that moves in the yard.

Singer loves to play (10 y/o here).
Sometimes she plays dirty!
She followed Ziva onto the compost pile
And found a new playground!!


Singer places 2d in Novice B Competition

She was slightly confused when I didn't ask for a drop on recall,
But she recovered quickly and corrected herself for the "Q"!.
Not bad at all for a 10 year old lady.

To the core, she is a Field Babe!

Singer expressed her phenomenal field drive as a puppy.
Shown here, she earned her AKC Junior Hunter (JH) title at the age of 9 1/2 months.
Note, for most of her career, her birds were as big as she was.
She went on to earn her championship with four majors.

As a youngster, Singer developed a severe case of Lyme disease
which forced her into early retirement from all performance activities.
A few years later, her health dramatically improved after she switched
from a diet of kibble to a diet of bones and raw food (BARF)
Here are a few sites to help you learn how to start feeding a raw diet:
Raw,    Why Feed Raw?    and FAQs
Caveat: It is your responsibility to ensure that you feed a proper diet.
Some foods are toxic to dogs and some dogs shouldn't eat certain foods some for health reasons.
There are differing theories out there. Additional research will be required.
Keeping a diet log helps!

Shown above at 9 years of age, Singer regained her flying drive.
After her remarkable recovery, the Babe UN-retired
And earned both her Novice B obedience and her Novice Agility titles.
Although she has until recently trained for her CDX obedience title,
Singer is starting to show her age and we have ceased jumping in competition.
She's traveled a rocky road and it's time to offer her a life of leisure.

She can't stand going out in the rain,
but no water is too scuzzy to keep the Babe from her bird.

Singer is a big help around the house.

It is her job to pick up the paper every morning.
She'll also snatch any other paper left laying around
which is why she is lovingly known as the "Paper Princess".

Watch her at work:

What a Babe,
Shown here at 11 years old, she is still going strong at 12!


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