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Star is such a sweet tempered girl.

Here she is, minding her own business . . .

When Taiko wanders over to pay her a visit . . .

Since he hasn't visited with her before,
He breaks the ice by sitting on her (which she calmly endures)
And yes, I'm reading between the lines . . .

Then he joins her and they 'chat' for a spell.

Afterwards, Star receives periodic snuggles from Taiko,
A new friendship was born.

Star really loves holidays, especially Christmas.

She loves hanging out in the yard.
Even though she is 8, she runs around like a youngster.

If ever there was a "Sweet One", it is Star!

Star grew up on the banks of Kurly Kreek.

She moved west to join her cousins at Windsong for awhile.
From the beginning she fit right in because she also possesses
That lovely temperament that the Windsong curlies are known for.

Star is the daughter of Addidas Such Charm (CeCe) who is a full sister to both
Hunter's (Murphy Brown) and Singer's (Streisand) dams.
Star is also a niece of Deacon's since both CeCe and he were sired by Roo.
Star's sire, Baron, Ch. Mayhem Gentleman's Agreement,
was the breed's first Multi-BIS all breed winner.
Though he never played the hunt test game, Baron
Was an atheletic youngster and very birdy.

Star enjoys lounging in the yard.

She has made herself quite at home.

Star returned home to Kurly Kreek in April (2009).
We loved her while she was here and we miss her daily.
She will always have a special place in our hearts.


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