CH Windsong Drum of Wings on Water, CDX, CGC
(sounds like Tie'co)
(translates Big Drum)

CHIC #: 96345


Taiko, a head above the rest.



On October 22, 2017 Taiko entered the German Shepherd Dog Club of Memphis Obedience Match,
where he earned his AKC Companion Dog Excellent (CDX)title and placed third in his class.
We usually enter one show a year so we're a bit slow,
but He just keeps on giving !


Performance Brag

On July 11, 2015, Taiko earned his first pass in Open Obedience!
Only two more to go for his CDX Title.


Sailing at the Greater Shelby Kennel Club Agility Match!

Taiko is brushing up his skills in the 2014 Fall Agility League!


On July 13, 2013 Taiko entered the Greater Shelby Kennel Club Obedience Match,
where in spite of his in-ring antics, he earned his AKC Companion Dog (CD)title and placed second in his class.
We are very proud of our boy !

Finding the perfect Flower Curly shot.
2014's Mr. February!

There are a lot of hiding places in here.

Hmm, this one isn't big enough to hide me.

This bush will be good for hiding when it finishes blooming.

I love it when spring starts blooming!

Everything starts looking happy!


A beautiful November day (with daughter, Rosie)

Come on Sis, Let's Play!

January 1, 2012


Happy Third Birthday !

For his birthday, we treated Taiko to a Pool Party.
He thought it was a big water bowl.
And you can see why the big water bowl in the house was downsized.

He discovered that it wasn't easy to run through it during a game of chase.

After chase, more water needed.

After the pool party, it was time to play in the hose,
Taiko's favorite pastime.

He's tough, he'll take it in the face and come back for more.

Ok, I've had enough.

It's been a great day, now for some relaxation techniques.

Performance Brag

On June 26,2011 Taiko passed his Canine Good Citizen Test!


On a very, very cold day in January, 2011, Taiko set off down his track.
He took up this new sport last year and he really gets into it.
It took many layers to stay warm as the termperature was well below freezing.

On the second leg of his track, he worked very close to the ground
and it was all I could do to keep from breaking into a run to keep up.
He is nearing the turn for the third leg of the track.
Thanks to Linda for the photos.



Taiko earned his AKC Championship Under Judge Col. Joe B. Purkhiser
at the Memphis Kennel Club Show on August 21, 2010 in Southaven, Mississippi.
He completed the title with four majors and 3 single points.

Happy Birthday

Taiko celebrated his 2d Birthday on June 27, 2010.

After an early morning excursion of Tracking and Swimming, he took a shower,

And spent the rest of the morning in the yard lazily looking for photo ops.

At 2 years of age, Taiko weighs 80.3 pounds.

Major Wins

I'm misbehavin, I won't stand still with this lovely pond so close.

Taiko earned his second major and 2 spare majors
at the Jackson TN Dog Fanciers Assoc. Inc. and Clarksville Kennel Club Shows
held in Jackson, Tennessee on May 20 - 23, 2010.


Taiko's First Major

Taiko earned his first major under judge Elizabeth Muthard
at the Showcase of Dogs' Tupelo Kennel Club Show on October 10, 2009.
The handler needs to learn the proper presentation of the Curly tail (sigh).

Fall is one of Taiko's favorite times of year.
It is a fun time in the yard as the squirrels are most entertaining.
As he was born mid-summer, it is the first season that he will be repeating in full.

We had a cold front come through that lowered the temperature to the mid 80's,
which made for a lovely, lazy afternoon to play outside.

While happy to stay in camera range,
Taiko's attention was riveted to the goings on in the yard.

Standing ready, a second later, he was gone.

He is 14 months old and he weighs 74 pounds in these photos.

Taiko's First Birthday ! !

Taiko had a lovely first birthday.
He spent the morning chasing bumpers and swimming.

Then he came home and played in the hose.

Water is hard to catch!
He almost had it, but it got away again.

Just one more time, please!

He is a very lean 72 pounds.

F I R S T    N A T I O N A L    S P E C I A L T Y !

At 10 months of age, Taiko competed in his first National Specialty,
in a very competitive Bred-By Exhibitor Dog Class,
where he earned a 4th placement under Judge Cornelia Howard.
We are thrilled with him!

After the judging, Mr. Cool hung out at ringside with his girlfriend.

F I R S T      S P R I N G !

At 8 months, 3 weeks and 65 pounds, you'd think certain things wouldn't bother me. . .

But she makes me sit in flowers . . .

And she makes me lie down in flowers. . .

And she makes me sit and stay, when I'd rather go check out TreeCat!

At least she isn't picking on me . . . she makes everybody pose in bloom!
Thankfully, spring will be gone before you know it.

F I R S T      S N O W !

There's something under this stuff!

Running to . . .

and Running fro . . in the snow.
Taiko (8 months) played in the snow almost all day.

By evening, the snow was melting.
By morning, it was gone.

Taiko at seven months is a lean 59 pounds.

We finally got daylight and sunshine at the same time.

His favorite vantage point is from the puppy yard.

He has been hunting underground prey.


Taiko at Six Months old.
He weighs 53 pounds,
and he is quickly overtaking his Mom, Ziva, in size.

He is working on his tracking skills,

A shot from a better angle,

Equal opportunity boy, he is just as zealous with a small stick as a large one.

On Christmas Day, Singer allowed Taiko to share a kiss.
She has never let him take such liberties before.

He spent the rest of the holiday enjoying the dry weather and a good stick.

Close up at 5 months.
He can't take his eyes off of the stick I'm holding over his head.

Taiko loves the fallen leaves.

Enjoying a fall afternoon.

Close up at 16.5 weeks.

He is tall enough now to reach the monkey grass from the ground.

16 weeks
He can usually be found with a carefully selected stick nearby.

Heading in with a new stick.

He is always on the hunt for another one.
Luckily, we have plenty of trees to supply his demand.

Head shot at 15 weeks.

There was a pond at the show site.
Taiko learned the difference between sink and swim rather quickly.
(Of course my heart skipped a beat when he completely sank.)
He was totally unphased, however,
and was retrieving his tennis ball dumbell from the water on his first day in the pond.

Taiko finally gets to check out the "old dog".
Deacon tolerates his curiosity.

Taiko at 12 weeks.
What's the new game we're going to play?

I see it! I see it!

I like this game!

Ziva to Taiko, "Hmmm, Don't I know you?"

At last, someone who isn't too old to play with!!

And she's fun too!!

Profile at 12 weeks

He ignores his toys for the "free" ones dropped by trees.

Profile at ten weeks of age.

He enjoys the freedom of having more 'yard' to play in.

He loves the Monkey Grass as much as his mother did at his age.
His lofty perch is actually a two foot tall retaining wall.

He adjusted well after the other pups left for their new homes.

At eight weeks, Taiko was introduced to duck wings.

He found them irresistible.

Watching him grow has been a delight.
He discovered his size when he got stuck and had to be rescued
from a shortcut he used to use all the time.

Taiko is the Blue Boy from our Drum Litter.

He was one of five livers from a litter of six.


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