CH Softmaple Windsong IB Splendid, CD, CGC


(sounds like Zee'vah)
(translates Splendid)

CHIC # 56753

05-16-2006 - 03-19-2019


Performance Brag

On July 10, 2015 Ziva qualified for the third time and earned her
AKC Companion Dog (CD) Title !

Performance Brag

On April 29,2012 Ziva passed her Canine Good Citizen Test!

Show Doggin'
Ziva with her Junior Handler, Destiny.
The girls teamed up in late 2007 and took most of 2008 off for the Drum Litter.
They really started to shine in 2009!

They added another big win in 2010!

New Champion

Ziva, handled by Destiny, earned her AKC Championship with a Major win under Judge Edd Embry Bivin
at the Clarksville Kennel Club Show in Jackson, Tennessee on May 21, 2010.

Ziva is Destiny's first Champion of Record!

First Major!

Ziva earned her first major under judge Elizabeth Muthard
at the Showcase of Dogs' Tupelo Kennel Club Show on October 10, 2009.

First Big Win!

Destiny, handling Ziva, was awarded Best Junior in Show
at the Clarksville (TN) Kennel Club Show on May 15, 2009
under Judge Patricia A. Gellerman.
Ziva was on her best behavior and looked gorgeous.

The girls took advantage of the lovely show site in Jackson, TN
where two clubs offer four days of shows.

The lake was across a covered bridge

And there were lots of great spots for a picnic.

First Specialty!

Ziva was beautifully handled by Destiny in the American Bred Class.
It was the first specialty for both girls
and they showed like Champs!

Home Schooling
Better known as 'Bringing up Baby'

Teaching basics of behavior can be fun . . . or not!

This is how we initiate play!

After running around wildly, you can engage!

Air boxing is always fun!

Hanging around over Christmas Break.

Playing with Taiko is a new, favorite pastime.

Chasing Zoomy is another.

Fall head study.

Window watching.
Ziva looks for anyone moving towards the door.

Ziva has matured beautifully.
We are very pleased with this girl.   

Ziva took to birds naturally as a young pup and
has demonstrated a wonderful field drive.

She has also demonstrated her lightning speed in agility.
She picks up new skills in record time. We expect her to go far.

At 10 months old

At 8 months old

She likes to chew on sticks.

She seeks out piles of leaves.

She loves to lie in the Monkey Grass.

She wants to go inside.

She never slows down!

She checks Deacon out.

She always checks for cookies.

She is comfortable outside in the dark!

She looks guilty,
I bet she made this mess!

She can stand her ground.
Singer isn't sure a puppy was a good idea.

She is Confident.
Don't Mess With Me!

She can really move out.

She found the secret place.

She can stretch out.

She enjoys the simple things.

She required a bowl she couldn't turn over.
Doesn't everyone have a water bowl to lay down in?


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